Call For Submissions: Fall 2016

Attention Ohio Birders! It’s time to submit your amazing photos for the FALL issue of the Ohio Cardinal magazine.

The fall issue should be an exciting one, as it will include photos taken in Ohio from August 2016 through November 2016. Shorebirds, Warblers, Ducks, and more!

Please provide your highest quality photos.
– Each photo must include the date and location of the shot

Message Christopher Collins, Photo Editor, via Facebook, or email him here, and he will provide more details on how to send them in. If you post photos to Facebook, Flickr, or the like, you can send links to the photos rather than the files themselves. Remember, submissions must be received by the evening of December 21, 2016.


History of The Ohio Cardinal

In 1978, The Ohio Cardinal was born of a need to bring Ohio’s birding community together, to share all available information about our bird life, to sharpen our enjoyment of, and expertise in, the observation and study of those birds, and to act as a permanent record of bird occurrences in the state. Today these remain the goals of our publication. 


What’s Inside?

The Cardinal began as, and remains, a collaboration among Ohio birders, with hundreds sharing in each issue sightings reports, photographs of unusual birds, artwork, articles, or field notes. Each issue features a comprehensive summary of the season’s observations across the state, highlighting not only the unusual but also interesting patterns discernible in the usual. Reports from the Ohio Bird Records Committee appear regularly. 
A timely compilation of all the state’s Winter Bird Count results appears yearly. Articles are featured in most issues, which treat topics such as birding locales and techniques, field identification issues, the history and status of selected Ohio species, first state records, counts and surveys, trends in the abundance and distribution of our birds, and many others. Short notes from observers around the state describe noteworthy events, behaviors, numbers, and observations. For more information, contact the Editor at

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