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Lorain, Ohio

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Lorain Harbor

General Information


Lorain, Ohio



DeLorme Page Number and Coordinates

(7th Edition and earlier) Page 40, A-1

Nearest Town or City

About 30 miles West of Cleveland, Ohio.

Directions from Nearest Town or City

From the intersection with SR 2, take SR 58 north till it dead ends at SR 6. Take SR 6 east about two miles to the harbor area. See the site descriptions below for more detailed directions to each site.

About Lorain Harbor

Lakeview Park – From SR 58, take SR 6 east approximately one mile to Lakeview Park. The entrance to this park is marked by a large purple/yellow Easter basket. This area is worth checking for water birds on the lake and gulls on the beach. The park itself may be worth checking for migrating songbirds.

Lorain Municipal Pier – This is the area often referred to as the “hot waters”. To reach this area take SR 6 east approximately 1/2 mile from Lakeview Park and turn left on Oberlin Avenue. Take Oberlin Avenue north to the pier area. Despite being called the hot waters, hot water is no longer discharged into the lake from the power plant. This area is still good for observing waterfowl and ducks in the fall, winter, and spring when the harbor is open. Check the breakwalls and the surrounding area for snowy owls during flight years.

East Harbor Areas – To reach this area take SR 6 east another 1/2 mile and cross over the Black River bridge. Turn left at the first intersection allowing turns (the first two are no turn). After turning left, proceed north until the road ends and either proceed east to the pier and impoundment or west to the river and harbor areas. In the pier area you can park and then walk out the pier to check for ducks and gulls. Walking the pier allows viewing of the boat basin and the impoundment for songbirds and, if habitat is present, for shorebirds.

Heading west to the river area you can check the river and boat basin for ducks and gulls. The far east end boat launch parking lot gives an elevated viewing spot for looking over the harbor.

Visiting Information

Closed hours/season

Open all year during daylight hours.

Parking Areas

Parking areas can be found throughout the area.



Restroom Facilities

By the boat launch, during boating season.

Special Note

Hunters are present during duck season.

Restaurants in the Area

A good variety can be found in Lorain-Amherst near the SR 58 exit to I-90.

Other Birding Spots in the Area

Avon Lake Power Plant (6-7 miles east), Oberlin Reservoir (south of Lorain on SR 58), Wellington Reservoir (just south and a bit west of Wellington on SR 58), and Findley State Park (also just south of Wellington on SR 58).

Birds of Interest by Season


Waterfowl and gulls are good when the area is not frozen. It is a good area for Snowy Owl during invasion years.


The entire harbor area is good for water birds and some songbird migration can be viewed.


If habitat is present, shorebirds can be found. Otherwise, the area is heavily utilized for recreational activities.


Waterfowl and gulls can be good in the fall. The area is used heavily by duck hunters, so plan accordingly.

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